The Principals 2023


Could you be the next Chief Marshal? 

Berwick Riders Association are looking for a new Principal to join our team for 2024. This is a 3-year post, with our new principal coming into the right-hand position. The ‘Riding of the Bounds’ is a long-standing annual tradition, started by the Garrison and dating back over 400 years. Our ride attracts around 100 riders and thousands of spectators every year.
Our new principal must reside in Berwick or within the borough of the town. You must also be a confident and experienced rider. The ideal candidate must be passionate about Berwick and its history, and we are looking for someone who will work hard to promote the ride and our town including visiting schools to teach the young ones about our traditions, help organise and attend fund raising events and to be able to commit to the whole 3 years with a passion.
As a principal you will be expected to ride in some of the local border town main rides to support their principals whilst representing our town.
This post is an honourable one and a high standard of behaviour is expected. You will be at the centre of the oldest tradition the town has, will make life-long friends throughout the Borders and have wonderful memories of your time in office. Applicants must be over 18 and will be expected to take part in the social events connected with the rides, visit the border towns to take part in their rides and celebrations, attend all local events and be in attendance at all formal functions in the town in your capacity as a Principal.
You don’t need to own your own horse as you can hire for the rides.
Principals will be expected to incur some expense of their own however some financial help may be available.
This role is a once in a lifetime, never to be forgotten experience that requires passion, commitment, and lots of hard work.  
Still interested? Send us an email to before 30th November 2023 and we will send you a copy of our principal’s handbook which gives lots more information. If you have any questions prior to applying, please write to the same address or contact a committee member.

Chief Marshal – 

Right Hand Man – 

Left Hand Man – Julia Szoneberg


I can’t believe this is my final year as a principal. 30th of April 2022 was a dream come true for me and an honour to be given the opportunity to carry the Standard down the high street through hundreds of spectators, followed by the cavalcade.

My two years as Principal has been the best experience of my life, visiting other towns and making lifelong friends along the way. I’ve had some great highs and some lows and would like to pay tribute to Sabre, you were the best horse I could ever ask for and the memories I have of us galloping up Flodden hill, doing what you loved the most, I will cherish for the rest of my life!!!

I would like to thank Courtnay and Merci who will be stepping down this year, Courtnay thank you for your support and guidance and for all the fun and laughter throughout the season, and to Merci, you have been a fantastic Mascot and we have had lots of fun together, you and your family should be very proud as you have represented your town to the highest standard, and I hope to see you in the near future wearing a sash as a Principal.

Kieran, I hope you have a great year as Chief Marshal, carrying the flag will be an experience you will never forget, so make the most of every second.I would also like to welcome our new Right hand Gemma Dodds to the team and wish you all the luck in your 3 years as a Principal, you are going to have the best time, and make the most amazing memories.I would like to thank all the land owners, sponsors, friends and supporters and of course our fantastic committee who work so hard behind the scenes to make Bounds day the huge success that it is today, and for all your support and guidance over the last two years.

To all my friends I thank you as without you I would have never been able to fulfil this lifelong dream.

Finally to my husband Derek and our fabulous boys Dariusz, Jake and Caden, my brother Justin, you have all been my rock and by my side from day one, and for everything you have done for me, I will be forever grateful.

Finally, I would like to wish you all a great day, and don’t forget to give us a wave as we go past, so here’s to The Riding Of The Bounds 2023.



Mascot 2023 – Morgan Hunter

I’m so happy to be Mascot for 2023

I have always dreamed that I would become part of the Annual riding of the bounds. My first memory watching the ride is from my grandad’s shoulders, telling everyone that I’d be up there and part of it someday. 

I hope I can show any young people thinking about taking up riding that it is so worth it!!

I look forward to riding alongside Julia, Gemma and of course Kieran our Chief Marshal not just for the riding of the bounds, but throughout the other border towns too! 

Safe out Safe In’ to all taking part in the Riding of the Bounds this year. Hip Hip!!