Following our AGM post holders are as follows.

  • Chairman – Miss Bethany Innes
  • Vice Chair – Mrs Lorraine Stark
  • Treasurer – Mrs Linda Fiddes
  • Secretary – Mr Stephen Lowdon
  • Ride Liaison Officer – Mrs Lorraine Stark

May 1st 2019

Our 3 principals carried out the old tradition of the ‘ tapping of the bridge’. This is usually done on ride day with a select group of riders. This year due to a safety issues with the crumbling bridge we decided not to take horses and to go on foot instead on the original ride date of the 1st May. A fitting tribute to Berwick’s history, some flowers were laid along with the town sashes.

Thursday 2nd May

Thursday saw our annual Hobby Horse event.

A walk around the walls of Berwick for children with their homemade hobby horses. A mini bounds ‘ride’! Prizes were given for best turned out horses and a good time was had by all despite the awful weather!

Route improvements 

Work has been ongoing for the last couple of months to improve our route and get us off some of the busy roads. Unfortunately attempts at finding an alternative to the A1 have been unsuccessful. After a lot of hard work, money, gates and diggers we have managed to bypass some of the roadwork slightly. This has given us a new river crossing and an extra field! Weather permitting obviously, too much rain will heighten the river and we would need a boat! But we have a plan B! We have also this year taken out the busy Paxton road back into town and instead will cross cantys bridge and head off-road to Baldersbury where we can use a quieter road back into town. 

The Sashing of the Chief Marshal 2019.

Saturday 23rd March 2019 saw the sashing of our principals.

Last years Chief Marshal Rebecca Allan had to hand back the sash and she now moves to be our Left Hand Man for 2019. Her main role now is to look after the others and show them the ropes! And hopefully make sure the other ladies don’t forget anything…!

Courtnay Grey was sashed as our Chief Marshal 2019. Courtnay had a fantastic first year as Right hand man and is really looking forward to representing Berwick this summer.

We also welcomed our 2019 Right hand man to our principal party – Victoria Irwin although i’m sure she would prefer to be called Vikki! She is sure to have a great summer and will be a chance to learn the ropes in preparation for her turn as Chief Marshal next year.

We also welcomed our new Junior Mascot rider for 2019, Miss Katie Lowden-king.
Katie will support the Principals this summer.

Photos of the Sashing event will be added to the Gallery.