Ride Info / Timings / Register



  1. Riders participate at their own risk.
  2. Horsebox parking in Wallace green and parade car parks.
  3. Riders please assemble in parade car park.
  4. Marshals are appointed to assist in the smooth running of the cavalcade. Riders must obey their instructions at all times. Marshals can be identified by an armband.
  5. The Lead Marshal is the pacemaker on the ride and should not be overtaken unless authorised to do so.
  6. The route taken by the Lead Marshal is the only route you should take.
  7. Riders are requested to keep in pairs at all times when the cavalcade is on a road or street.
  8. The ride is not suitable for lead rein. All riders must be able to keep up with the pace of the cavalcade.
  9. All horses must be 5 years old and over and fit for purpose. If there are any doubts raised by a member of the public or a ride marshal, the senior ride marshal will have the authority to ask to see the horse’s passport.
  10. If a rider requires emergency assistance a Marshal should help. In the absence of a Marshal only one or two riders should stop and help. All other riders should carry on unless halted by the Lead Marshal.
  11. If a rider has to leave the ride it may be quicker to return by road. If returning through fields always remember to close gates
  12. Any riders leaving the ride at any point will not be covered by the ride insurance and will not be allowed to re-join the ride.
  13. Riders who fail to obey instructions may be asked to leave the ride.
  14. It is compulsory for riders to wear protective head gear to British Standard requirements at all times when mounted.
  15. ‘ICE’ identification wristbands will be offered to all riders on the morning of the ride. These will be compulsory for riders under 16 years of age.
  16. First Aid will be in attendance. In the event of a fall or injury, riders are required to be assessed by a medic. You may continue with the ride if the medic considers you fit to do so. Anyone who refuses medical assistance and continues to ride does so at their own risk. Anyone who suffers a fall or injury must report to a Marshal at Gainslaw Hill or the Parade car park at the end of the ride to fill out an accident form.
  17. Official quad bikes only.