The Chairman

We are delighted to have you here to participate and share in the annual Riding of the Bounds, hosted by Berwick Riders Association. Let me welcome you on behalf of the Committee.
I hope you have a great day out on the 29th April 2017.  I would like to wish Bethany a fantastic year in her post as Chief Marshal, enjoy it, it will be over in a flash. You are a credit to this town and have already demonstrated what a great ambassador you are. I wish Rachel all the best in her final year as left hand and know that she will guide and support Bethany at all future events.  Many thanks to Lorraine who has attended lots of events and supported Bethany and Rachel during 2016.Your commitment to the committee has been outstanding and I thank you for being just as happy wearing a ballgown, madly driving to represent us all over Scotland at a minutes’ notice or digging a ditch. None of this would have been possible without the support of Starky and Linda, thanks guys.  Finally I welcome Rebecca, you are beginning a journey which will see you represent our town all over the Borders and Edinburgh.  The decision has been taken to change the date of the ride from the 1st May to the Saturday prior to the first English Bank Holiday in May from now onwards. We need to celebrate our past and invest in our future.  Unanimously everyone we spoke to thought the date change would benefit the town and we as a committee believe this to be true.  This event takes a lot of planning and funding, it would not be possible without the support of our Main Sponsors, The Committee, Volunteers, Northumberland County Council, local business, The Freemens Guild, The Freemen’s Trustees, Berwick Town Council, Simpsons Malt and The Chamber of Trade.  I would like to thank every single person who has been involved in raising funds and donating services and goods to this event.

I can not of course miss out the Berwick 6th Scouts, a group of young people who have shown amazing conviction to supporting the ride. They have held fundraising events and have sponsored the Mascots Numnah.  They have organised a hobby horse ride around the walls, to take place on Thursday 27th April 2017 everyone is welcome.  This will enable non-horse riders to re enact the tradition of asking the mayor for permission to ride the boundaries, however, as we will be on shanks’ pony the ride will be around the walls only.  Much of what we do is in a bid to bring the local community together, to respect the past, appreciate the present and plan for the future.  This is our journey, one that we can all share in, one that many people have put their trust in us to progress on the town’s behalf.  If you ever feel, we’re doing something wrong then we give you permission to tell us about it. We welcome suggestions for next years ride. New people are always welcome and we would love you to join us.

Best wishes – Safe Oot and Safe in.

Jude Eltringham, Chairman, Berwick Riders Assn.