The Chairman

Welcome to the 410th Riding of the Bounds.

This year has seen the committee working extra hard with our sponsors, friends and landowners to improve the ride experience for participants and spectators We hope you notice and enjoy the improvements!
Thanks to the Committee members for giving up their time and continued support

Once again many thanks to Lorraine Stark, Graeme Stark and our new member Steve Lowdon for their manual labour and route works. Their attendance at the many planning meetings and committee meetings. They have worked tirelessly to install gates and to dig out ditches on various parts of the route, often in the wet and never with a complaint

We see the final year of Bethany Innes as a principal and wish to thank her for her hard work over the last three years in representing our Town with her presence at many local events and her attendance at other border towns.
I’m certain that the last three years have flown past for her and that she has made friendships and memories which will last forever.
Courtnay Grey takes the reins as Chief Marshal, we wish her well and hope that she too has the time of her life, making new friends and representing the committee at local events and representing our Town further afield.
Rebecca Tait takes up post as the left hand man, she has demonstrated an ability to represent Berwick at many local events and ride outs further afield, her duties now will be to share her experiences and offer advice and support to Courtnay and the new Right Hand Man Vikki Irwin Good luck ladies for 2019

The brochure shows our current sponsors friends and partners, if you would like to support us please get in touch, we are always keen to involve the wider community and welcome new members

If you would like to know the best viewing points for spectators as well as approximate route timings- check out the brochure Many thanks to Linda Fiddes for putting it all together, not an easy or quick task and I am grateful for her patience and support over the last year. Always at the end of the phone with a calming word

You will notice the red and blue (towns colours) bunting making Marygate a magnificent welcoming sight for locals and visitors
Why not pop into Guildhall and take a selfie with our #Riding of the Bounds boards,please then post them online and let everyone know about The Riding of the Bounds all this made possible by the Thelwell Trust, Simpsons, Northumberland County Council, Berwick Town
Council and The Riders Association
The shields displaying the names and dates of previous chief marshals on Marygate, why not use them to complete our just for fun anagram section, many thanks to our sponsors for facilitating these improvements
Please remember to check out our FB page and website for fundraising events and up to date information

Judith Eltringham,

Berwick Riders Association.